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GLAMOUR Workshop and Private class with OUI OUI ENCORE
Montreal Burlesque Diva!

Why the luxury of a Glamour workshop? Because you're worth it!

It's a great gift idea! It could be a gift from you to you!

It's always good for a woman to take some time for her and to feel sexy and beautiful!

I have many years of experience in Pin-Up and Burlesque (stage) makeup, and i would love to share it with you!


Private class/workshop with Oui Oui Encore

You have a choice of 2h or 3h class
The can choose the content of this class

* Pin-Up makeup / Glamour, demonstration and techniques.
* Analyse of you makeup bag, suggestion of what you could buy to complet it.
* MAKEUP Vintage and Pin-Up : eye-liner, eyebrows, concealer, blush, red lips!
manucure “half-moon” and eyelashes
* The art of the Glamour Accessories (hats, feathers, gloves ...) .
* Help and private Shopping at Jean-Coutu and or Pharmaprix.
* Retro Portrait of you, and the art of selfie.
* Pin-Up HAIR , vintage techniques, curlers, pin-curl, product to use.


This private class could be take alone or in a small group of friends!
Write to me for an appointment!






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photo credit: Selfportrait by Oui Oui Encore


©2004 Madame Oui Oui Encore